Tike Design designs a footstool with your company's style in mind

Tike uses the style of your company to design a footstool that blends right into your interior and the atmosphere of your office.

For www.youngclub.be from Lanaken (Belgium) Tike Design made a footstool in catchy colours. The footstool will find its fitting place in the sparkling store of Young Club. The material Tike used is leather.

More information: Tike Design.


Tike's barcode

The Barcode footstools are a much beloved design of Tike's. She uses for these footstools all the bright colors of the rainbow and arranges them in a barcode manner. That can be your very own barcode, because anyone's personal or company name can be translated into it. The footstool below is Tike in barcode. The used materials are black and white leather.


More information: Tike Design.


Inspiration: Arts & Crafts

When Tike visits the School of Art in Glasgow, she gets acquinted at first hand with the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The building, as well as the interior, make a deep impression on her. She knows right away which materials she will use to process her impressions. The used materials are wool and leather.

The geometric patterns of Mackintosh (like here, in his Two chairs for the Blue Bedroom) are echoed in the footstool of Tike Design.

More information: Tike Design.