Singular Sensations

"A minuscule store, Tike Design Footstools, is a showplace for the quirky ottomans designed and hand-made by Tike Veenstra. Each of the dozen or so on display is distinctly different; some are tufted, others are sleek and shiny. Styles range from high-1950's Miami Beach Moderne to traditional tailoring suitable for the horsy set. One is covered in heavy mesh that can hold magazines or newspapers, another has a little ledge to support a drink or bowl of nuts, and a third has pockets to hold remote controls and portable phones. Some are just plain funny -- a large square covered in leather tassels looks hairy; a zebra-print-upholstered one has claw feet.

Veenstra, who used to design hats, pointed to one stool that looked like a collage of brightly colored artificial flowers covered in clear vinyl. A similar one had recently been bought by a New York decorator who stopped in purely by accident. ''He bought it,'' Veenstra said, ''and said he would carry it home on the plane. No need to wrap it.'' Tike, 15 Grimburgwal, 011-31-20-428-8510;" Marianne Rohrlich | Copyright 2003 The New York Times Company