Furniture in a different dimension, created by Tike with the idea that a footstools can be much more than a simple low bench on four legs. Tike's footstools are the result of her life experiences, her dreams, her desires. That's why they are as characteristic as Tike is herself. They all have their own story! A story as fascinating as a piece of art.

Tike's footstools are designed and made by hand in her own workshop.


  Every creation is inspired by the upholstery materials she gathers from every corner of the world; luminous plastic from the States, finished off with a raffia fringe from London. Tight little legs discovered in Italy. That's how a contemporary bench with a tense radiation is born.
Many times she creates benches which are technically almost impossible to realize. Tike loves the challenge. She experiments as long as it takes. Apart from realizing her own ideas Tike likes the challenge of making someone else's dreams come true.

Tike's footstools are made out of leather, silk, imitation leather, wool, velvet, etc. Some are finished off with plastic covers. The legs are made from various materials: cow bones, wood, steel or beech stumps.

Every design is unique, with a characteristic of its own.